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SEO updates and alerters
Regular SEO updates and alerters

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Staying informed is a major part of sustaining the long-term success of your website and online business. As you may already know only too well, search engines are constantly revising their algorithms and keeping us on our toes! What’s more, the internet is an incredibly competitive market place. You can rest assured that your competitors are doing whatever they can to get those precious first page results and, if you have managed to get there first, to knock you off that top slot! Now, more than ever, you have to work hard to maximise the results of white hat SEO techniques to drive traffic to your site, including regularly updating the content on your site. What’s more, with an ever increasing number of e-commerce websites, it is essential that your site stands out from the crowd and is optimised for your target market in terms of layout, navigation and design. You can’t afford to miss a trick, so keep checking back here for regular updates and alerters on SEO and anything else that we think may be of interest to you or help you to stay one step ahead! In the meantime, check out our services and get in touch if we can be of help! SEO updates September 2012 - SEO update #1: Check your backlinks September 2012 - SEO update #2: Successful SEO October 2012 - SEO update #1: Dealing with bad backlinks November 2012 - SEO update #1: White hat SEO that works!  
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If content is king, then links are queen - be smart, use white hat SEO and stay one step ahead of your competitors and at the top of the search engine results pages!
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