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SEO services for small businesses
Search engine optimisation
Turnkey websites: Get a fully functional, personalised and ready-to-go website in as little as a few days and at a great price.   Web page content: We can provide you with high quality web page content that is relevant to your keywords, products and market. Product catalogues and flyers: Entice prospective customers face-to-face or encourage repeat orders through the post with a glossy product catalogue or flyer that is tailored to your branding. Design services: If you are just starting out or have yet to create a consistent “brand” for your business, let us help you to design your logo, product labels and product images!

Some of our other services...

Maximise your online success with our SEO services!

“White hat” SEO or search engine optimisation (approved of and recommended by search engines) is an absolute must if your site is going to be a long-term success and rank well in search results. Of course, good SEO is an ongoing process (and part of that is continually adding unique and relevant content), but there are certain SEO techniques, things you can do and tools you can use to start you off on the right footing. We can help you with that!


We can create an account for you with the major search engines, which will allow you to monitor your site’s performance in terms of (for example) bounce rate, traffic, referrals, visitor flow, demographics, regions, page views, visit duration, page load speed, conversions, keywords etc. These analytics are an invaluable means of measuring your success and identifying potential problems quickly and easily.

Webmaster Tools

Webmaster Tools is basically a service for webmasters (e.g. administrators of a site). We can create an account with the various Webmaster Tools for you, which will allow you to gain access to detailed reports about your pages' visibility in web search results. In particular, you will have access to data, tools and diagnostics for a healthy, search engine-friendly site, including: get a search engines view of your site and diagnose problems see how the relevant search engine crawls and indexes your site learn about specific problems they are having accessing it set domain preferences (e.g. www or non-www) submit sitemaps for faster indexing.

Social Media

Social media is an invaluable SEO tool if used correctly. For example, you are best placed to know whether your business is more suited to the short “headlines” of a Twitter feed, or the greater engagement offered by a business page on Facebook. If you have a “fun” brand, you might want to post cool, unique pictures of your products on to Pinterest. On the other hand, if you are really into writing about your work, you might want to post regular articles on Tumblr or Squidoo. Whatever social media avenues you choose, they should be appropriate to your target market and the content that you intend to post. Once you have got that combination right, it is a great way of building customer loyalty and spreading the word about your brand (i.e. making it go “viral”). What’s more, they provide an excellent means of creating authority backlinks to your website. Setting up these accounts, loading correctly sized logos and images can be time-consuming and confusing. Let us do the hard work for - we can create the accounts for you so that they are ready to go when we hand them over to you. 


Wordpress blogs are a great way to inform customers about your products and also to become a valuable information resource that they keep returning to. Whether you are an expert in your field and passionate about writing about it or use relevant articles that we provide to you, blogs can create backlinks to your site and also drive traffic. We can set up Wordpress blogs for you quickly and easily!
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