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Submitting to search engines
Getting your site indexed

Submitting your site to search engines and getting indexed

There is little point designing and building a beautiful website, spending time

generating high quality, relevant web page content and undertaking SEO, only

to find that you have not been indexed by the search engines. The whole point

is that you want prospective customers to find you!

It is therefore essential that all of your preferred search engines are notified

that your site is available for crawling and indexing. This is known as

“submitting your site” or “search engine submission”.

As it is a time-consuming process, it is generally recommended to target those

search engines that drive the majority of traffic, such as Google, Yahoo! and


It is best to submit your website address (URL) to all of the relevant search engines manually, as automatic search engine

submission software tends to be less effective. 

There are a number of tools, techniques and resources available that can help you to get your pages indexed more quickly

and improve their visibility. Amongst them are sitemap submissions, analytics, Webmaster Tools, website directories and

good SEO. We can advise and assist you with all of these.

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