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SEO for small businesses
What is SEO?
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SEO and website success

Search engine optimisation (often referred to as “SEO”) is the process of

designing, building, structuring and continually updating websites and web

page content to help ensure that search engines quickly find, crawl and then

index them.

The ultimate goal of this exercise is, of course, a high page rank in search

engine results pages (SERPs), which can then lead to customers finding your

site and hopefully buying your goods and/or services.

If your web page is found in the first few results following a search, you are

more likely to increase the amount of traffic to your site and, provided it has

high quality content, a good layout and easy navigation, conversions.

What constitute effective SEO techniques is continually changing, depending on, for example, the algorithms used by

search engines. It is therefore essential to stay up-to-date on latest developments and respond accordingly, if you want

your website to be a long-term success.

“White hat” SEO techniques

These are techniques and strategies that are approved of and recommended by the search engines themselves. There are

limitless examples, but the key is that they focus on a human audience and are a natural extension of building a site for that

audience; they are not designed to try to manipulate search engines and their bots. Examples of white hat (or ethical) SEO

include using relevant keywords and keyword analysis, backlinking (e.g. linking back to your site from your blog, your

social media forums etc) and writing high quality, relevant content for human readers.

“Black hat” SEO techniques

By contrast, these are techniques and strategies that are not approved of or recommended by the search engines and are

direct contravention of their rules, guidelines and policies. Again, there are endless examples of these negative SEO

techniques, which should be avoided at all costs. Generally speaking, they focus on manipulating the way in which search

engines perceive the content of a site in terms of, for instance, relevancy to keywords. They often involve “spammy”, over-

optimised content, the high repetition of keywords and text that is not designed for human reading. Examples of black hat

SEO include hidden text, cloaking, paid backlinks, content that has little or no relevance to the site or business in question.

This form of SEO could lead to a significant drop in page rank or, in extreme cases, the complete delisting of your site from

a search engine’s index.

How we can help your website to rank higher on search results:

Find out more about the white hat SEO techniques that we can utilise to help ensure that your site and web pages are

indexed by search engines more quickly and achieve a higher page rank.

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