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Web crawlers
What is a search engine spider?
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Search engine spider or web crawler

Search engine “spiders” (also known as web crawlers) are programmes that

search engines (such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, MSN etc) use to automatically

analyse and then index the content of a website, including for instance, page

titles, descriptions, tags and page content etc.

If these spiders can't access a website (e.g. because it has been poorly

designed or has insufficient content, keywords or tags relating to the specific

business, products or services), the site will not get indexed or listed in the

search engines index - in other words, it won’t come up in search results and

won’t be found by prospective customers.

They are therefore pretty important to the success of your site!

How we can help to ensure your pages are indexed and your business attracts more customers:

If we design and build your website for you, the layout, navigation, internal linking structure, keywords, tagging, page titles

and descriptions will all be optimised to help ensure that they are more easily indexed by the search engines. After years of

online trading in the health supplements industry, we know how to rank for our products’ keywords.

We can also produce dozens, hundreds or even thousands of sentences and paragraphs of relevant text, which you can

add as new pages to your site.  The more relevant the content, and the higher the quality (e.g. in terms of grammar,

spelling etc), the more interested search engine spiders will be in indexing the pages.

Once indexed, potential clients searching for specific keywords or phrases on a search engine, will be forwarded to your

website. When they get there, they will find a valuable information resource rather than spam. This will encourage them to

make purchases and to keep returning to your site.

Poor quality content tends to lead to a high bounce rate (i.e. visitors leaving within seconds, without clicking through to any

of your other pages) and can also lead to page rank penalties from the search engines themselves. In extreme cases, it

can even lead to a site being totally de-listed. Don’t make that mistake!

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